University of Phayao participates in Phayao show case and workshop

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Phayao show case and workshop

On September 9-10, 2022, University of Phayao participated in a research exhibition “Phayao show case and workshop”, to present the research achievements which lead to commercial innovation for sustainable community, organized by the Provincial Office, the Strategic and Information office at the multipurposeground, Phayao municipality.

There are exhibits from government agencies and private sectors of Phayao province also fashion show, distribution of Phayao products, stage performances and activities at the low-cost booth (Blue Flag). Moreover, Vice President for Student Quality, University of Phayao Dr. Wuthichai Chairinkam along with Assistant to the President Professor Jaruwan Posyanon and Assistant Professor Suwit Panyawong joined in the fashion show to present the Thai fabric designed by students of the School of Architecture and Fine Arts.





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15/9/2565 16:31:25น. 378
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University of Phayao participates in Phayao show case and workshop

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