(SUN Thailand) University of Phayao attends the Sustainable University of Thailand Network Meeting (SUN Thailand)

20/5/2565 16:40:46น. 438
SUN Thailand
University of Phayao by the administration of the President of University of Phayao, Associate Professor Dr.Supakorn Pongbangpho had assigned Vice President for Environment and Landscape Affairs, Dr. Chatchawal Wongchai with Environmental Supervisor, Division of building and facilities, Dr.Prach Pingmuanglek to attend the Sustainable University of Thailand (SUN Thailand) Network Meeting from April 28-29, 2022 at Viroj Impitak Auditorium, Chaloem Phrakiat Campus Building, Kasetsart University, Chaloem Phra Kiat Campus, Sakon Nakhon Province (KUKSA). The meeting is to exchange the knowledge to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the Sustainable Network University of Thailand. The University of Phayao will expand the result of the meeting to school in various areas towards becoming sustainable university and convene all faculties, divisions, institutions, elevation to international level and work in mergers with SDG UI green. Green and clean, as well as consultations to further evaluate the sustainability university.

The Sustainable University of Thailand (SUN Thailand) Network Conference aims to support sustainable development in Thailand's higher education institutions to exchange experiences between institutions and build networks and partnerships for sustainable development in the education sector as a model for other sectors in Thai society, so that educational institutions are part of a society that plays an important role in building and transferring knowledge through educational and research processes, with the goal of producing quality graduates into society, as well as bringing existing knowledge through application mechanisms to achieve applications that benefit the community, society, nation and the international in the context of sustainable development. The application of the concept of sustainable development to the management policies and operational activities of educational institutions directly affects the quality of knowledge, as a source of knowledge and personnel to be released into communities and society.





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20/5/2565 16:40:46น. 438
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