Together We Grow

Together We Grow


On January 9, 2019, University of Phayao celebrated “Year of the Pig” with two important events organized especially for all personnel: Sueb-cha-ta (literally, “life prolonging”) and the New Year Party.

 Held early in the morning, the Sueb-cha-ta ceremony witnessed how much Thai people in the modern day still revere and preserve their cultural heritage. The ceremony was clearly full of respect and hope for a brighter future as Buddhist monks chanted and blessed the attendants with holy water.

The appreciation Thai-ness went on with the New Year Party in the evening of the same day.  The theme for the Party was “Pee-Mai Sook Sun, San-Samphan-Chao UP” (Happy New Year, Strengthening UP Relationship). To make the Party meaningful and according to the theme, faculty and staff were encouraged to wear Thai traditional costumes in different periods of the Thai history. The Party then turned out to be most colorful with different and creative outfits.  Such is a concrete example of how UP has completed its mission to preserve and promote Thai art and culture.

“Happiness and Success, You Can Get at UP” could but, in one word, be a perfect slogan for working and living at University of Phayao.


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