Living a Creative Life at UP

On November 26, 2018, UP Acting President, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Supakorn Pongbangpho, and her administrative team visited university’s canteens for continuous improvement in the quality of food and services. Given as well was the practical advice to take better care of the surrounding landscape and buildings.

It is the wish and determination of the Acting President and her team to make life at UP most creative, desirable, and beneficial in all aspects. Living and learning in a healthy environment, in other words, is of utmost importance for UP community.

So, enjoy your time at UP as much as you can!  ;)

ภาพ :   พิศุทธ์ จิโรจน์กุล   
ข้อมูล/ข่าว :    รศ.ดร.ทิพย์จันทร์ วงศ์จันทร์ตา   
เพิ่มข่าวโดย :   วันที่/เวลา :11/28/2018 9:30:08 AM