Congratulations to School of Dentistry!


Congratulations to School of Dentistry!


This morning, November 20, 2018, there was an MOU signing ceremony at University of Phayao.

Dean Takeyasu MAEDA (D.D.S., Ph.D.) and delegates from Niigata University, Japan, met with UP representatives led by Assistant Professor Uthen Thatsaringkharnsakun, Acting Vice President and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Komson Punyasingh, Dean of School of Dentistry, University of Phayao.


Activities included in the MOU are:

   1. Exchange programs, including short-course training

   2. Joint research programs

   3. Joint publication projects

   4. Student exchange program

   5. Exchange of faculty

   6. Joint public health projects

This is indeed the pride of University of Phayao.

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